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By signing this pledge, you make a commitment to buy only locally produced, proudly South African sugar, because there’s no place like Home Sweet Home.

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How to know if you're buying locally produced sugar

Check the back of your sugar package before you purchase. 

If it doesn’t say that it is a “product of South Africa” or if it doesn’t feature the Proudly South African logo, it likely isn’t produced in South Africa, and is one of the many job-killing sugar imports that form part of the sugar market. 

Can we count on your support?


This website is proudly brought to you by the SA Canegrowers, as part of their Home Sweet Home campaign, with the goal of driving more support for locally produced sugar.

2023 has been a tumultuous year for South Africa’s sugarcane growers. Following the floods in early 2022, Tongaat Hulett entered into business rescue in October 2022, followed by more floods in April 2023, and the entry of Gledhow sugar mill into business rescue as well.

These challenges have been compounded by external and policy pressures including the ongoing threat of cheap sugar imports.

For every ton of imported sugar that enters the South African market, our local South African sugar industry loses R4000.

These losses can range between R2 billion – R3 billion every year.

In total, 21 000 black small-scale growers, 65 000 farmworkers, 270 000 indirect jobs, and one million livelihoods depend on the success of the sugar industry.

Can we count on your support?